Bio: Like many other talented yet unsuccessful people out there, I too suffer from the endemic called “Procrastination.” I’ve decided, enough is enough. So, after a decade or so of dilly-dallying, I finally managed to persuade my lazy ass to open a word file and start punching keys in an attempt to create my own blog. It’s turned out to be quite a struggle, for of late, the experience of writing on public forums have been limited to 140 characters, thanks to twitter. Hopefully, this will also cure me of what-is-left-of my twitter addiction. I still have absolutely no idea what this is going to be about, but I promise will steer clear of intellectual discussions. Well, barring some legal updates once in a while, but mostly about movies, travel, food, fashion, of course makeup, etc. Will try to keep it fun. And on the days when I have nothing interesting to post…I’ll just post my pics! 😉 Ok, it’s ‘about me’ now. I’m a 20 something female (which side of 20s, you will never know), newly married. I and my husband share the passion for movie, out and out addicts (we’ll collaborate on movie reviews). Lawyer by profession, well not technically, I have a law degree, but work with a bank. My job doesn’t bother me much and I reciprocate as often as I Can :P. Good part is, I get a lot of free time on my hand (and yet I have managed to do nothing productive). Like everyone, I have dreams and passion. I love traveling, trying out new dishes and new trends in fashion. And yes, cooking is my meditation. It’s my stress buster. So check out this space for some interesting recipes!

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